Welcome to Shafa Tools — India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of quality Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Equipments, Jewelry Supplies, Watch Tools, Watch Supplies, Watch materials, Clock Tools, Clock Supplies & Hobby Tools.

At our website get an access to the gamut of the finest tools and supplies for Jewellers, Watchmakers, Watch Repairers, Beadsmiths, Metalsmiths, Gemologists, and Hobbyists. Our catalogue and the website provide an overview of the articles we can deliver with consistency and the trades we cater to. Our prices are most competitive; we essay to synergize efficiency, service and quality.

The company is helmed by Mr.Altaf Hakim, who has been dealing with and catering to the needs of, wholesalers and retailers worldwide, supplying quality, precision hand tools and equipment for over four decades. Order from a broad selection of metal forming and dapping tools (including rolling mills, texturing rollers for mini rolling mills, drawplates, grooving blocks, wood punch sets, metal dapping kits, nylon doming punches, bending blocks, anvils, disc cutters, and lots more), bench anvils, pliers, hammer, mallets, tweezers, soldering tools, soldering equipment & supplies, gemological supplies (diamond parcel paper, stone flutes, display prongs, diamond selling aids, diamond sieves, diamond shovels, diamond sorting pads, gold scales, jewellery pins, diamond holders, heart & arrow scopes), saw blades, saw frames, ring clamps, stone setting equipment, karat punches, decorative carat stamp sets, screwdriver sets, third hands, mandrels (bezel mandrels, bracelet mandrels, necklace mandrels, ring mandrels, wire wrapping mandrels, and more), finger gauges, ring sticks, carving tools, diamond polishing burs, casting equipment & supplies, ingot molds, eye loupes, tools and supplies for watches and clocks (oilers, lubricants, movement holders, watch case holders, watch case pressing tools, clock mainsprings, clock keys, mixed material supplies, watch link removers, spring bars, sidebar tools, watch clasps, clock finials, pocket case openers, pocket watch keys, watch crowns, blue wire sets, broaches, suspension springs, verges, watch repair tool kits), wooden boxes, wood display stands, felt split laps, tap & die sets, jewelry files, gold testing supplies, and motley of packaging & display articles, in total spanning over 2500 catalogued products

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