Synthesizing the thought-chain of two generations, Shafa International Tools Company has established itself in the global arena by providing supreme quality tools at cost-effective prices.

Times have changed: we have changed our name, our identity, but our values have made us more resolute in our commitment to provide our customers with an array of nonpareil hand tools, precision-crafted to meet the lofty standards and importunate demands of the end-consumer. We reaffirm our pledge to satisfy you on counts of product satisfaction, price and prompt service.

Our prices are most competitive; we essay to synergize efficiency and effectiveness. The soaring costs of raw material, and the fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates may require us to emend our rates, periodically. Prices of many products have been marked-down on account of the correlation achieved between low-cost and high- volume production. Prices were latest at the time of printing. Always request for current pricing.

We are pleased to present our descriptive, color-illustrated, and exhaustive catalog spanning the gamut of the finest tools and supplies for jewelers, gemologists, hobbyists, watchmakers, and motley of packaging & display articles. This publication is aimed at providing our customers with an overview of the articles we can deliver with consistency and the trades we cater to.

At Shafa Tools, our purpose extends beyond the purview of profit-making; we believe in value creation - to make products that are valued by our patrons.

Our Products